8 February 2018
8 February 2018,

As you may already know, the Kent coast is a seriously sought-after location at present; both by buy-to-let investors and tenants alike. It’s not just the sea-views that are pulling people in from far and wide; it’s also the proximity to London, with quick commuting times into the heart of the capital.

As such, prices have been rising steeply, particularly in locations like Margate and Whitstable. However, if you’re keen to capitalise on the great property investment opportunities of the Kentish coast (without spending a fortune), we recommend you start looking in Ramsgate.

Why Ramsgate?

For decades, Ramsgate has suffered the reputation of being less trendy than the neighbouring seaside towns. Indeed, up until recently, parts of the town were fairly shabby – which deterred investors.

However, that’s all starting to change. Ramsgate is scheduled for serious regeneration; returning many of its historic buildings to their former glory. Rumour has it that the commuting times to London (currently an hour and a quarter) are also earmarked for improvement within the next few years. Once this happens, property prices are likely to shoot up.

Property Investment in Ramsgate

The big question is – what sort of property should you look for, and how much can you currently expect to pay?

There’s a huge range of choice in the area; with everything from sprawling detached properties, to chic, modern one-bedroomed apartments. If you’re aiming to appeal to higher paying tenants (e.g. London workers who are looking for larger accommodation; perhaps for their family), then look at the attractive Victorian terraces in the town, or the larger period properties that are a bit further out.

For young professionals, there are several new developments offering more affordable living; and even some modern apartments on the sea-front, which are likely to attract plenty of attention from tenants.

In terms of price – at present, for a larger detached property, expect to pay anywhere between £900,000 and £400,000 (depending on size / location / condition). At the other end of the scale, it’s still possible to find apartments on the market for under £100,000 – which is ideal if you’re working to a tight budget.

What to Look for?

When searching for buy-to-let property for sale in Ramsgate, we recommend prioritising the following:

  • Proximity to the train station. Most places within Ramsgate are within walking distance of the train station; but the closer you get, the more appealing it’ll be to commuters.
  • Near the sea-front. Remember why your tenants want to move to Ramsgate – they want to be close to the sea! Houses and apartments with a great view are likely to be snapped up.
  • Period features. You don’t have to buy a period property, but be aware that one of the town’s main draws is its beautiful architecture – particularly Victorian buildings. As such, many tenants are likely to be looking for houses with the original features still intact.

Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in Ramsgate

If you’re searching for property investment opportunities in Ramsgate (or any other part of the UK), talk to The Buy2Let Shop. Our team of expert property investment agents are here to help you find a great deal, and to grow your property portfolio over time.

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