8 January 2018
8 January 2018,

As the capital continues to rise in price, more and more people are looking to move out of the city, while still enjoying a short commute to work. One of the most popular places for ex-Londoners is Kent; particularly the scenic Kentish coastline.

If you’re thinking about investing in UK property, and want somewhere that offers excellent rental potential and solid capital growth, Kent’s coastal towns might be ideal for you. Here’s more information.

Why the Kentish Coast?

There’s no doubt about it, Kent’s coastal towns have enjoyed a serious revamp in recent years. Once considered slightly dated, towns like Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs are experiencing a surge in popularity, thanks to regeneration and a fresh, ‘trendier’ vibe, which appeals to Londoners.

Best of all, property prices are a fraction of London values, with an average house setting investors back by around £220,000 to £340,000 – a few hundred thousand cheaper than the capital. However, prices are rising quickly (at a faster rate than West and East Sussex, and Surrey), which means it’s imperative to invest quickly, or risk missing the property investment opportunities.

Where to Start Looking?

There’s a wealth of great towns in Kent, offering buy-to-let property for sale at an affordable price. Here are just a few to keep an eye on.

  • Whitstable. Whitstable has experienced phenomenal growth in the last five years, with property values rising by over 38%. It offers Victorian seaside charm, combined with a hip, artistic atmosphere, which is drawing Londoners in their droves.


  • Margate. Recently named ‘one of the best places to live in the country’, Margate has some spectacular period properties on the market, at a far more affordable price than London. It’s become a haven for creative types, and has several great independent shops and restaurants.


  • Ramsgate. Ramsgate is the ‘dark horse’ of the Kentish coastline, and one we highly recommend paying close attention to. It’s scheduled for serious regeneration, which is likely to push prices upwards. Our advice – get in quick, before property values sky-rocket.


What to Look for in Kent

If you’re thinking of investing in a property in this area, consider the following:

  • Commuting times. Above all else, London workers will want to know they can get into work relatively quickly. Find out how long it’ll take them to commute from the local station.


  • Proximity to the station. They’ll also want to know how long it’ll take them to walk to the station each morning. It goes without saying that if it’s a short walking distance, that’ll appeal to tenants.


  • Distance to the seafront / town. Remember why your tenants want to live in the area – because of the beautiful beaches and quaint towns! As such, your buy-to-let property for sale should have a good position close to the amenities and coast.

The Buy-to-Let Shop

If you need assistance with your UK property investments, talk to The Buy2Let Shop. We’re a team of property investment agents, and we’re on hand to help you find the ideal buy-to-let property for sale and grow your property portfolio. For more information, visit The Buy2Let Shop website today.

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