23 November 2017
23 November 2017,

Property seminars come with some stigma attached; and also some strange expectations! Regrettably, in the past, some property investment seminars have focused on promoting ‘get rich quick’, using hard sale tactics, and this has made some investors wary of them.

These days (thankfully), seminars tend to provide genuinely useful information, without pressurising attendees to commit to a purchase. As such, they’re a useful tool for investors, particularly if you’re just starting out. Here’s more information.

What Can You Expect from a Property Seminar?

  • Market insight. Above all else, you should expect to gain insight into the current UK property market – with information about buy-to-let trends, lucrative investment strategies, and where to start searching for a profitable buy-to-let property for sale.


  • In-depth information about property hotspots. Some areas of the country are performing more strongly than others, and a good property investment agent will be on hand at your seminar, telling you exactly where to start looking. This is likely to be broken down into sub-categories – the areas that offer the best rental yields, and the areas that provide excellent profit from capital growth.


  • Portfolio strategies. At a property seminar, you’ll be given information not just about investing in one buy-to-let property for sale, but in developing a longer-term investment strategy – and growing a property portfolio. This helps maximise profits exponentially.


  • Tenant information. If you’ve never been a landlord before, it’s imperative to get yourself prepared. Landlords need to be armed with plenty of information relating to taxation, legal rights, tenant protocol, marketing and much more. Even if you’re going to work with a letting agency, it’s useful to have a solid grasp of the basics.


  • Raising capital. Raising initial funds is one of the hardest aspects of UK property investment, and finances should always be a top priority throughout the process. At a seminar, it’s likely that you’ll learn more about your financial options, and identify which one is most suitable for you.


  • Tenant demographics. It’s useful to know who you’ll be targeting, before you start searching for property. For example, student tenants will be looking for a very different type of accommodation to families! A good property investment agent will help you to identify which sort of tenant you want to appeal to, and what sort of buy-to-let property for sale you need to be looking for.


  • Property investment opportunities. Most seminars will also showcase some exclusive properties for sale – which are hand-selected due to their competitive price and money-making potential. However, a good property agent will never pressurise you into making a purchase – it’s their job to show you what’s on offer, then support you if you decide to go ahead with your investment.

The Buy2Let Shop

The Buy2Let Shop hold regular property seminars in London, which are all free to attend. If you’d like to gain access to one of our seminar events, simply register your interest via The Buy2Let Shop website today, and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm your place.


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