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The term "distress sale" refers to the sellers personal situation, not the condition of the property being sold. Essentially it means they are in a situation that requires them to sell very fast.

Distress Sales Explained



Can't guarantee sales arranged will complete!

(buyers may pull out of deal because there's no financial commitment until exchange for example)

Can't guarantee a sale!



Can't guarantee a fast sale!

Imagine you have 6 weeks before you, your wife and children are evicted from your home due to repossession and you know you need to sell the property to release some money before it's taken from you. Would you take a chance on an estate agent, with no guarantees? Or would you use a professional "Acquisitions company" that offer to send you thousands of pounds as an up-front deposit , guaranteeing a 28 day sale, albeit at a slightly reduced sale price?

We've been arranging these sales for years and can tell you that more and more sellers are sensibly taking the guarantee.

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- Because an estate agent:

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