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29 January 2016
29 January 2016,

Having spent large amounts of money renting an apartment for years, you must have realized that you should rather be buying a house of your own and stop throwing money on rent each month. In case you’ve already decided to buy your own apartment, make sure you go through the long checklist underneath before you proceed. You obviously don’t want any unexpected surprises if they can be avoided. Here are few tips from The Buy2Let Shop UK about the things to be taken into consideration before buying an apartment of your own.

Deciding the area

  • This involves spending some time in that particular area to make sure the place meets expectation.
  • Before buying, research the market thoroughly to ensure that you’re getting best value for money. Discuss values with local estate agents including checking recent sales in that area, don’t solely rely on the agents comments! This is essential if you are about to buy off plan property.
  • Try and visit as many places as you can to find a place that fits your criteria, so you’ll get an idea of what your money can buy.

Buy to let property for sale

Now let’s assume you have finally found an apartment

  • Check for facilities

The property you are willing to buy should be close to all basic facilities you require. For example; parks, shops, schools, gym, work, hospitals, etc. This is a valuable tip especially if moving in as a family.

  • How noisy is the area?

When you’ve chosen to live in a house, consider if the place is close to cafes, clubs, and other entertainment venues. Examine the amount of traffic passing by – will it be noisy at the peak hour or not? Will the noise have an effect on your lifestyle? Is it a good idea to inspect the building in the morning or in the evening, especially during peak hours before you agree to purchase it?

  • How old is the building?

It is important to consider the age of the building. Does the building need any repairs? Commonly people use surveyors to check for any structural damage or repair work need.

  • Check for security

What are the security measures in the area? For example, is it possible for someone to walk into your building? Are they any security cameras around the place? Can a stranger enter the place without someone noticing? Is there a record being maintained regarding who enters and when?

  • Proper ventilation

Is the apartment properly ventilated? Does it have a balcony so that you can enjoy the view outside, the sunshine and sunset? Is the place blocked by other buildings or is it deprived of sunlight?

  • What are the maintenance charges?

Many don’t think that it is an important aspect when they are buying a house or an apartment. Ground tax, water charges, electricity charges, property tax, hired helper charges including gardener and security, these are just some of the charges that come along when your make an investment. Find out what the maintenance charges are and what is included / excluded in those charges? For example, they may charge you extra for car parking so it is better that you know about all the charges beforehand.

According to The Buy2Let Shop UK professionals, the list may be endless. While buying a new apartment might seem like a horrible nightmare if you haven’t bought one before you shouldn’t worry as the above-mentioned tips will help you get the best place to live. You just need to do a lot of research, ask plenty of questions, and all your problems will be resolved.

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of property purchasing, opt for Buy2LetShop UK and let us know your requirements. We will assist you in finding the best apartment as per your needs.

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