29 January 2018
29 January 2018,

If you’re considering investment properties in London, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Several parts of the capital are booming at the moment; offering not only solid rental income for landlords, but also a good chance of profit from capital growth.

However, for whatever reason, you might be keen to explore property investment opportunities outside of London – of which there are several. If you’re keen to find the perfect buy-to-let property for sale in the UK, here’s a quick guide, detailing where to start looking.

Where to Invest in Property in the UK?


If rental yield is your main focus, then it makes good sense to invest in one of the high performing northern cities. In terms of monthly income, Manchester takes some beating. It’s fast becoming one of the UK’s largest business hubs, which has brought professionals to the area in their droves, plus the huge student population also provide a steady stream of tenants. At present, an average house in Manchester costs around £160,000, and the average rental yield is around 6%.

Kent coast

Many Londoners are desperate to escape the rat-race, and are actively searching for homes in more scenic areas (whilst still being able to commute into the city). The Kentish coast offers the best of both worlds; easy access to London, and proximity to beautiful natural surroundings. Our hot tip? Search for buy-to-let properties for sale in Ramsgate – it’s about to experience serious regeneration, which is likely to push property prices up significantly in the future.


Sheffield is a serious contender for the best place to invest in property in the UK. Once written off as a has-been industrial city, significant redevelopment has transformed it into a desirable location, and with two universities, it’s not short of student tenants either. If you invest in the S11 postcode, there’s still the chance to enjoy seriously high rental yields (among the highest in the country).


Cardiff’s rental market is performing strongly at present, which is hardly surprising, given what’s on offer for tenants. In addition to some of the best-known sporting venues in the country, it’s Wales’ business centre, and has strong appeal for tourists too. Given how much interest it’s currently gaining among the property investor community, our advice would be to explore the property investment opportunities sooner rather than later.


If you’re thinking of investing in property in Scotland, Glasgow is a definite city to consider. It’s undergone major regeneration in recent years, which has transformed the city and turned it into one of the country’s finest cultural centres. Best of all, property prices are still low compared to the rest of the UK, which means better ROI for investors.

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