14 November 2017
14 November 2017,

As property investment agents, we often hear our clients talking about the loneliness of being a landlord. After all, it’s your property empire, no-one else’s, and all the major decisions land squarely on your shoulders, and yours alone.

That’s why it’s a great idea to network with other professionals in the industry, particularly at a property investment seminar. Here are a few other benefits of getting social with fellow property experts and landlords.

The Advantages of Networking at a Property Investment Seminar

  • Share tips and techniques. This is particularly valuable if you’re new to property investment in the UK. Usually, seasoned landlords and property agents will be happy to share words of wisdom, based on their own experience in the field, and this is seriously helpful for your future investments.


  • Hear insider’s tips. At the property seminar, you’ll probably hear lots of information about the current hotspots in the UK, and what sort of property to buy if you’re looking to maximise profits. However, if you gather contact details of other landlords at the event, you can stay in contact and continue to share inside information, long after the initial seminar has finished.


  • Share your woes. Investing in property in the UK offers some of the best returns going, but make no mistake, it’s not all plain-sailing. Like any form of investment, you’re likely to have wobbles from time to time, and these are far easier to overcome if you’ve got a solid network of experts and landlords behind you. Chances are that they’ll have gone through similar, and will be able to offer words of advice to help you overcome your setbacks.


  • Business opportunities. On occasion, a fellow landlord may get in touch to offer you the opportunity to join forces with them. Alternatively, your property investment agents may present you with a range of bargain buy-to-let properties for sale, which aren’t available to the general public. Seize as many property investment opportunities as possible, in order to generate great ROI.


  • Helpful warnings. Not everybody in the property industry is worth working with, and fellow landlords and agents will be able to give you advice on which companies to use, and which to avoid. This applies for mortgage lenders, insurance providers and much more.


  • Advice for buying a house at auction. Many first-time landlords are terrified by the prospect of property auctions, which is a shame, because there’s great opportunity to make serious savings when purchasing a house. More experienced landlords will be happy to talk you through the process, and a property investment agent may even be able to assist you at the auction itself.

Property Seminars with The Buy2Let Shop

If you’re interested in joining us at one of our property investment seminars, simply register your interest at The Buy2Let Shop website. Please note, all our property seminars in London are free to attend, and you won’t be pressurised into making any purchases; though don’t worry, we will share our range of property investment opportunities with you!

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