6 February 2018

Property Seminar Tips: Handling (and Avoiding) Difficult Tenants

6 February 2018,

Tenants are the lifeblood of the rental industry. Every landlord wants to find the ideal set of tenants to move into their property – […]

15 January 2018

Tax Guide – What to Expect When You’re Buying / Selling Property

15 January 2018,

As with any form of investment, when you purchase a buy-to-let property for sale, you can expect to pay some form of tax. Like […]

9 November 2017

Where to Search for Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in the UK?

9 November 2017,

The UK’s property market is in a continual state of flux, though as a general rule, property prices still continue to rise across the […]

4 September 2017

Property Seminar Tips: Understanding Tax Rules for Landlords

4 September 2017,

Renting property is regarded as running a business in the eyes of the law, especially as you’ll be generating an income from your investment. […]

14 June 2017

Property Seminar Tips: How to Create a Rock-Solid Inventory

14 June 2017,

Investing in UK property to rent is a lucrative business – providing you’ve got good knowledge of what it takes to be a landlord. […]