20 March 2018

The Cheapest Locations to Purchase Buy-to-Let Property for Sale

20 March 2018,

Do you think that UK property investment is only possible if you’ve got lots of cash? Think again! Choose the right location, and you […]

6 February 2018

Property Seminar Tips: Handling (and Avoiding) Difficult Tenants

6 February 2018,

Tenants are the lifeblood of the rental industry. Every landlord wants to find the ideal set of tenants to move into their property – […]

15 January 2018

Tax Guide – What to Expect When You’re Buying / Selling Property

15 January 2018,

As with any form of investment, when you purchase a buy-to-let property for sale, you can expect to pay some form of tax. Like […]

9 November 2017

Where to Search for Buy-to-Let Property for Sale in the UK?

9 November 2017,

The UK’s property market is in a continual state of flux, though as a general rule, property prices still continue to rise across the […]

Property Agreement
4 September 2017

Property Seminar Tips: Understanding Tax Rules for Landlords

4 September 2017,

Renting property is regarded as running a business in the eyes of the law, especially as you’ll be generating an income from your investment. […]