22 March 2018
22 March 2018,

We host regular free property seminars in London and other locations across the country. These informal, informative sessions are designed to provide you with expert insight into UK property investment, and to give you the chance to ask all those burning questions that you might have!

A topic that always comes up in our property investment seminars is location. Where are the best places to purchase buy-to-let property for sale in the UK, and which offer the best ROI? With that in mind, here are a few wise words from our expert team.

What Sort of Profit Do You Want to Make?

Firstly, it’s important to understand that investing in UK property produces two profit-making streams. You’ll be earning a monthly income from rental yield, and you’ll also be generating a profit from capital growth over time.

Before searching for property investment opportunities, you’ll need to ask yourself what’s the bigger priority for you: having a regular income or making a larger lump sum when you eventually sell? Your answer will guide your search.

Where to Search for Buy-to-Let Property for Sale?

  • Go North for good rental yields. If your main focus is on making a solid monthly income, the North is the place to invest in. Cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield have undergone serious redevelopment in recent years, and as a result, tenants are flocking there in their droves. Property prices are still affordable (particularly when compared to London), but are rising steadily, so it’s imperative to get in quickly.


  • Explore the Kent coast. Increasing numbers of Londoners are looking to escape the capital, but still want to remain within commuting distance. The Kentish coast is fast becoming a major hotspot for city-dwellers looking for a slice of the ‘good life’, and wise investors are already scouring the market for buy-to-let properties for sale there. Our advice? Give expensive locations like Margate a miss, and instead, explore your options in Ramsgate. It’s undergoing serious regeneration at present and this will inevitably push prices upwards.


  • Consider Bexley. If your heart is set on finding investment properties in London, Bexley is definitely one to watch. With average houses costing about £225,000, it’s considerably cheaper than the London average, yet looks likely to rise in price in the future, offering great potential for capital growth.


  • Venture to Wales and Scotland. Some locations in Wales, such as Blaenau Gwent, have properties that are among the cheapest in the country; which is ideal for buyers who don’t have much initial capital to invest. The same applies to certain parts of Scotland. Our hot tip? Check out the property market in Glasgow – properties are affordable, yet the city is growing in popularity by the day.

Property Seminar Tips with The Buy2Let Shop

If you’d like more useful tips and advice about property investment in the UK, do feel free to attend one of our free property investment seminars! There’s no hard sell involved (though we always try to show you our latest property investment opportunities), and we’re on hand to answer any questions that you might have about being a landlord.

To find out more, visit The Buy2Let Shop website today.

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