15 March 2018
15 March 2018,

According to the latest figures, parents are willing to spend out considerable sums of money to ensure their children get into the right school. As such, landlords with houses in popular catchment areas are enjoying higher than average rental yields; proving just how lucrative it can be to cater for the family rental market.

If you’re thinking of investing in buy-to-let property for sale, then renting out for families with kids, here are some important things to consider.

Renting to Families – The Importance of the Local School

Reports show that a quarter of British families will move house to make sure they’re within the right catchment zone. This is often despite added financial pressure – which highlights just how important schools are to parents that rent.

When considering which area to invest in, do your research. Get online and read the latest Ofsted reports. Find out which schools are over-subscribed. Talk to local parents if possible, to get the insider’s view as to which schools are desirable. In short, take the time to swot up carefully; as choosing the right area could result in serious financial rewards.

Other Factors That Appeal to Families

It’s not all about the school. Here are some other things that renting families value:

  • Proximity to local amenities. Busy families like to have handy local shops, where they can pick up emergency supplies of milk and bread, etc. If there’s a local attraction for the children, such as a Girl Guide hut, a swimming pool or a soft play area, this will also appeal – it’s handy having things to entertain the kids within walking distance!


  • Transport links. Parents often take their children out at the weekends, and getting the car out all the time can be a hassle; especially in city locations. Look for buy-to-let properties for sale near bus-stops or train stations; these will inevitably prove popular with families.


  • Garden space. It’s not imperative, but certainly, having a property with a garden is a major plus for those with children. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – just some lawn space and a patio dining area can make a real difference to the desirability of the house.


  • Enough bedrooms. This is an obvious one, but when you’re scouring the market, make sure you look for investment properties that offer enough space for growing families. This includes the living space too – often open-plan properties are popular with people with kids.


  • Family neighbours. Look for areas that are dominated by families, rather than (for example), students or retirees. These locations are normally sought-after, which means you can charge a higher rental rate.

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