Here at The Buy2Let Shop we have one simple aim, to become the ‘go to’ company for securing individuals future financial well being.

It is well documented that the classic strategy of working for 40-50 years to earn money, saving and then living off of those savings through retirement is no longer an effective model to live by. We believe, like many, that property is the hard asset or commodity that is best suited to help the majority of people in England to secure their retirement. Furthermore we believe we have created the ideal platform to enable investors to buy properties safely and give the highest returns.

Whether you are a teacher, lawyer or engineer by day, these are your professions. When you buy a property for investment then this becomes your business. You can have a profession and a property investment business but as with any business it needs structure. Richard Branson doesn’t know anything about the technical side of his companies but he employs the people that do. Within any business would you prefer to be the owner or the run around guy?

That’s why we believe the key to success within the property industry is how you manage your time and ensuring you have the right people in place to do the job. What large successful businesses do you know that have the owner doing the accounting/filing/errands etc? Apply the same principles to your property business and you will be set to benefit from a successful property portfolio.

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We allocate dedicated personal Investment mentors to each Partnership client. Mentor’s are experts in financial services and property investments. The easiest way to consider it is the analogy of a personal fitness instructor at the gym. Whilst anyone can join the gym, do repeated bicep curls and see some growth, with a personal instructor they would see greater results and with less risk of injury.

This is because they’d get taught how to do the exercise the most effective way and the way with the least risk of injury. Our mentors enable higher returns for clients than they’d likely achieve alone and they reduce the chances of costly mistakes being made, meaning the investor is building their business on solid professional advice.


Now there are companies like that can offer individuals guaranteed fast sales (a bit like but of the property world) so there’s no need for individuals to risk waiting and waiting on the open market for a sale with a traditional estate agent. By being a partner of The Buy2Let Shop you benefit from our pulling power and access to these deals. As the saying goes, ‘It’s not what you know it’s who you know’.


All businesses need maintaining and property investments are no different. We provide our ‘Portfolio management service’ as part of the membership. This effectively makes your mentor and our ‘Asset Management team’ responsible for being the point of contact for your letting agents. It allows us to lessen the amount of tedious phone calls and emails you receive from various agents and it also means that we can keep your agents working hard for you and block any attempts from them to ‘up sell you’ when they think you should get a new boiler or replace guttering etc.

Furthermore we offer a full management service at a competitive rate which would help reduce your expenditure and increase your NET Return of Investment.

The market is always changing so you need to have your finger on the pulse at all times. As part of the Partnership service your mentor will hold annual portfolio performance reviews which analyses the increased value of your assets and their individual and total performance.

This way we can make sure your investments are always working hard for you, that maximum returns are being made and all opportunities available to you are always clear to you. Our experience of these reviews has regularly shown us that our clients can save years through an earlier retirement following consistently high performing investments.

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Whether you are a novice who wants to know how it all works or an experienced investor who wants access to bargain property deals, we have a service for you. From £70,000 in the North to £1 million plus in London we have properties to suit all budgets.

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