9 May 2017
9 May 2017,

In 2015, a total of 532,300 people entered higher education in the UK – a 3% increase on the year before. Indeed, it was a record year globally, with over $15 billion invested in the student sector worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, demand for student accommodation has soared and increasing numbers of landlords are investing in UK property with a view to rent to students. It offers excellent investment potential, with a solid monthly income and the possibility to make good profit from capital growth – here’s more information.

Why Buy-to-Let Property for Sale for Students?

Student property is frequently the highest performing asset class – with landlords enjoying higher gross rental returns than the national average. It also offers more reliability, as demand for student housing doesn’t look likely to fall any time soon.

Additionally, growing numbers of wealthy international students mean that there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy a higher rental income, and the security that comes with having a reliable guarantor (i.e. the student’s parents) is also attractive.

Property Investment Opportunities with Student Housing

When viewing buy-to-let property for sale, consider the following:

  • What area is it in? Students ideally want to be within walking distance of their university or college. Failing that, they’ll be looking for accommodation that’s near a public transport link. If the buy-to-let property for sale is too far away, it won’t be attractive to students, so make sure you target your search.


  • What are the local amenities like? Students want to have good access to local amenities, such as pubs and shops. They’ll also want to be able to get into the city or town centre easily. Investment properties within walking distance of the city centre are often desirable.


  • Can it be converted to HMO? If the buy-to-let property for sale isn’t an HMO, ask yourself how easy it will be to convert it. Remember, the more bedrooms you can offer, the higher your monthly rental yield will be; though you’ll need to make sure that the conversion is compliant with the required standards.


  • What is demand like in the area? Find out from a property investment agent how much demand there is in the local area, and the sort of yield other landlords are generating nearby.


  • Are there any ‘perks’? While viewing the property, think about additional ‘bonus’ extras; aspects of the property that set it apart from the crowd. For example, if it’s got a pleasant garden space (and other similar student properties don’t), this may mean you can charge a slightly higher rental rate. A large living area and kitchen is also appealing.

The Buy2Let Shop Limited

If you’re looking for property investment opportunities in the student rental market, but aren’t sure where to start, talk to The Buy2Let Shop. We’re a team of specialist property investment agents, and we’re here to help you build your property portfolio and generate great ROI.

We’ve got a range of student buy-to-let properties on our books, which are priced competitively to sell, and aren’t available to the general public. We also offer assistance with buying a house at auction, and hold regular property investment seminars, designed to improve your knowledge of the current market. To find out more, simply visit The Buy2Let Shop website today.

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