6 February 2017
6 February 2017,

UK property investment got off to a slow start in 2017, with average property prices increasing by just 0.2% overall. It’s a distinct reduction from December’s 0.8% growth – however, experts predict that the market is likely to recover within the next few months.

Property Investment in the UK – Reason to be Concerned?

It’s the lowest rate of annual growth since November 2015, which is partly due to market uncertainty. The current political situation has caused some UK property investors to be cautious, which is having a knock-on effect on prices.

However, it’s important to remember that traditionally, January is often a slow month. Likewise, rising prices in the past meant that home-buyers were less willing to make a purchase, which has now resulted in slower price growth in certain locations.

Any Property Investment Opportunities?

With an average property in the UK now costing £205,240, this marks an excellent opportunity for both first-time buyers and investors alike. Buy-to-let property for sale remains appealingly affordable in many towns and cities across the country, and perhaps even better, the rental market continues to grow, which means demand for rented accommodation is high.

If you’re looking for buy-to-let property for sale – now is definitely a good time to invest.

Prospects for the Future?

Of course, there’s a lot of conflicting opinion when it comes to guessing the future. However, many leading economists have pointed out that the country’s economy is in a far better state after the EU referendum than previously predicted. Although property prices have stalled slightly, many experts are tentatively positive, suggesting that the market will recover by the end of the year.

Robert Gardner, chief economist for Nationwide, commented: “We continue to believe that a small rise in house prices of around 2% is more likely than a decline over the course of 2017, since low borrowing costs and the dearth of homes on the market will continue to support prices.”

Investing in Property in the UK

If you’re considering property investment in the UK, it’s wise to do your research first. Although signs indicate that it’s a good time to make a purchase, it’s important to invest in the right location, and to find the right buy-to-let property for sale.

A property investment agent is worth their weight in gold at times like this, as their knowledge of the market is likely to prove invaluable. They’ll be able to provide advice about specific areas, plus assist with your property search, helping you to find the right house or apartment for your needs.

Remember, buying a property at auction is also a shrewd move – and often, investors save as much as 15% off market value. In monetary terms, that equates to thousands of pounds.

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