6 March 2018
6 March 2018,

Investing in property abroad is a tempting option, particularly when the weather’s bad in the UK. The prospect of renting out a buy-to-let property somewhere warm, then using it as your own personal holiday home from time to time, is undeniably appealing.

However, there are a lot of advantages to investing in property in the UK too. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, here’s a quick run-through of the advantages and disadvantages of both, to help you make up your mind.

Investing Abroad – The Lowdown


  • Option to use as a holiday home. This is probably the best reason to buy abroad; as it’s a major perk to have a property you can escape to whenever you wish. Plus, you can let family members use it too (if you’re feeling kind).


  • Attract the holiday market. Holiday rents tend to generate a high yield, which means there’s plenty of money-making potential.


  • Find a good bargain. If you’re willing to think outside the box, there are plenty of up-and-coming holiday destinations that have bargain buy-to-let properties for sale on offer.


  • Harder to keep an eye on. You’re living some distance from your investment, which makes it difficult in terms of maintenance / security.


  • Buying abroad can be tricky. Country-specific laws, bureaucracy and planning permission can all add serious complexity to the sale, especially if you’re buying in a location where you don’t speak the local language.


  • Out of season, you won’t make much money. If you’re renting the property out as a holiday let, it’ll be sitting empty when it’s not high season; which can eat into your profits.

Investing in Property in the UK – The Facts

  • There are plenty of bargain properties. Make no mistake, there are lots of property investment opportunities in the UK too! If you’re working to a budget, certain locations in northern England, Wales and Scotland offer fantastic value for money.


  • You’ve got better control. You’re in the same country as your UK property investment, which means you can keep a better eye on things. Or, if you choose to work with a letting agent, you’ll be able to communicate with them easily, as you both speak fluent English.


  • You can choose which type of tenant you want to appeal to. If you want to rent out a holiday home, that’s still perfectly possible in the UK. Alternatively, you can rent to a range of other tenants; such as students, young professionals or ‘silver renters’ (retired tenants). In short, there’s a lot more versatility.



  • Mild market uncertainties. Brexit is still casting a slight shadow on the UK property market, which has impacted sales and property prices. However, experts predict this will only be a temporary state of affairs.


  • You can’t predict the weather. If you do decide to rent out your property as a holiday home, you may well find that the sun lets you down. Having said that, most people holidaying in the UK understand the risk of rain, whatever the season.


  • Market complexity. The buy-to-let market in the UK can be complicated. That’s why we recommend working with a property agent.

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