5 September 2016
5 September 2016,

If you’re searching for buy-to-let property for sale, it’s tempting to focus on the house itself, and not give the outdoor area too much attention. However, this is a serious mistake to make. Many tenants prioritise garden space, and if a property has a poorly maintained patio, balding lawn or overgrown vegetable patch, this can deter them from renting.

Garden Property Investment Opportunities

Improving the garden of your buy-to-let property for sale is actually one of the most cost-effective, efficient ways to boost rental income potential, and raise capital growth too.

Here’s a few ways you can improve the appeal of your garden, without spending a fortune.

Investing in UK Property – Garden Tips

  1. Tailor to your audience. Remember, different types of tenants will be looking for different sorts of outdoor space. For example, young professionals are likely to value social areas, and will want to see evidence that they can entertain friends outside. Families will probably want a play area for the kids. Identify who you’re trying to appeal to before getting started.


  1. Create zones. Ideally, a garden should serve many functions; and by creating zones, you’ll demonstrate clearly that your outdoor space ticks all the necessary boxes. At the very least, create a dining zone (a patio or decking area works well), a relaxation zone (lawn) and an attractive zone (plants and flowers). You may also want to create a play area, an area for growing fruit and vegetables, and a storage area.


  1. Add a feature. Sometimes, the addition of a simple feature can immediately improve the appeal of a garden. Water fountains and pagodas add a note of class, but even something as basic as an ornate bird-feeder can make your outdoor area more attractive.


  1. Create space. Flowerbeds and trees make the surroundings feel more pleasant, but if they’re overgrown, it’ll make the available space seem limited. Trim back trees and plants, and make sure the edges of the lawn are kept as neat as possible.


  1. Provide storage. Even if space is limited, it’s usually possible to fit some form of outdoor storage into a garden space. An attractive shed is useful for storing bicycles and other large outdoor items, but even a small storage box offers somewhere to keep seat-cushions and BBQ equipment.


  1. Set the scene. When tenants view your property, make sure they see the garden at its best. As well as tidying the area, it’s a good idea to arrange dining furniture and sun parasols, so tenants can easily imagine themselves in the space. There are also other ways to achieve this. For example, if you have a lawn, a deckchair and small table shows how nice it is to relax there in the sun.

The Buy2Let Shop Limited

When you’re looking for buy-to-let property for sale, it’s important to find the right house for your specific requirements. Ideally, it should not only offer great rental yield, but also longer-term capital growth too.

The Buy2Let Shop are a team of specialist property investment agents, and we’re here to assist with every aspect of your investment – from initial sourcing of properties, to the final purchase. We also offer help with buying a house at auction. If you’d like to find out more about our services, simply visit The Buy2Let Shop website today.


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