19 October 2017
19 October 2017,

London is ideal for landlords. Although property prices are fairly high compared to the rest of the country, demand for rented accommodation is sky-high; which means investors can charge a premium for their buy-to-let properties.

However, some savvy landlords have noticed an emerging trend – increasing numbers of London renters are looking beyond the capital, in a bid to save money whilst remaining within commuting distance. Here are some of the hottest spots outside of London to invest in.

Investment Properties in the UK – Surrounding London

Many tenants still choose to rent in London, which is why it’s a good idea (if you’re growing a property portfolio) to have at least one property in the capital. Investment properties in London, whilst not offering spectacular rental yields at present, are likely to increase in value over time; offering excellent profit from capital growth.

However, if you’re looking for strong rental yield, start searching in these locations:

  • Slough. An astonishing 46% of tenants in Slough have moved from London, demonstrating just how popular the town has become. The short commuting times are a big draw for renters, and property prices are certainly lower than Central London, which makes it an appealing option for landlords.


  • Thurrock. Thurrock is enjoying a real surge in popularity at the moment, thanks to its easy commute to London (around an hour). It’s also home to Lakeside Shopping Centre, which is popular with local residents.


  • Broxbourne. Broxbourne takes commuters into the city in just half an hour, making it the ideal location to start searching for buy-to-let property for sale. The Lee Valley Regional Park is also popular with nature lovers, thanks to its numerous walking trails, cycle paths and family-friendly activities.


  • St Albans. St Albans has several excellent schools, which makes it a top choice if you want to appeal to the family market. It’s also only 20 minutes by train to London St Pancras, and has plenty of local amenities to keep tenants happy.

Should You Forget About London?

Short answer – absolutely not. There are plenty of investment properties in London that will offer both excellent rental yield and longer-term profit from capital growth – it’s just a matter of identifying the right place to buy.

Newham, for example, offers reasonably priced properties (well below the capital’s average), and strong rental yield; currently over 7%. Ealing is another strong performer, as are Bromley and Southwark. Talk to a specialist property investment agent, as they’ll have insight into London’s rental market, and will be able to guide your search more effectively.

The Buy2Let Shop in Bromley

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