5 January 2017
5 January 2017,

If you’re looking for buy-to-let property for sale, it’s important to ensure the house attracts prospective tenants. By decorating the property, you’ll be improving its visual appeal, and hopefully avoiding maintenance issues in the future.

Here’s ten of the best decoration tips for those investing in UK property.

Ten Top Buy-to-Let Decoration Tips

  • Make it practical. Yes, covering the walls in pristine white paint will give the house the wow factor. However, if you’re renting to families with young children, you can expect the paintwork to be a smudged shade of grey relatively quickly! Likewise, installing state-of-the-art features into a student house isn’t a shrewd move, unless you’re happy for them to get damaged.
  • Cheaper isn’t always better. It makes sense to work to a budget – after all, you want to boost profit margins as much as possible. However, cheap, shiny features may make your property less appealing, and leave prospective tenants wondering where else you’ve cut corners.
  • Buy something that lasts. You don’t want to keep having to decorate. Nor do you want to keep spending out on replacement fixtures and fittings. Make durability and longevity top priorities.
  • Use tiles. Worried about mould in the bathroom or kitchen? Use tiles instead of wallpaper or paint, as they’re wipe-clean and far easier to maintain.
  • Think about flooring. Quality wool carpets might seem like a good idea at the time, but they’ll swiftly get worn and stained. Dark carpets work well when disguising stains, and floorboards / laminate is easy to keep clean.
  • Don’t get personal. Remember, this house will be lived in by tenants, not you. It doesn’t matter how much you love that zebra-print rug – leave it out when showing renters around your house!
  • Buy more paint than you need. It makes good sense to invest in more paint than you require, as when you need to patch up dirty areas, you’ll have the right shade to hand.
  • Get the details right. Sometimes, a few expensive-looking details can lift a whole room. For example, attractive sink fittings can add real class to your kitchen or bathroom, and make prospective tenants overlook other less appealing features!
  • Keep as many warranties as possible. If a fitting or fixture comes with a warranty, keep hold of it. You’ll need it in the event that something breaks.
  • Decorate for your target audience. Always keep in mind who you’re trying to appeal to, and choose your décor accordingly. If you’re unsure, ask a professional property investment agent for tips.

The Buy2Let Shop Limited

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