25 January 2017
25 January 2017,

If you’re searching for buy-to-let property for sale, it’s important to look for something that will appeal to your target market. Of course, all tenants are different and will have different priorities when they’re viewing your property – but there are certain things that all tenants value, and which you should ensure you’re offering.

Don’t worry if the property you’re viewing doesn’t offer everything we list below. Many of the improvements can be made quickly and easily after the sale!

Ten Ways to Make Your Buy-to-Let Property More Appealing

  • Paint (with light colours). A fresh lick of paint can work wonders, and if you keep the shade light, this creates a sense of airiness and space. Avoid using too many strong or dark colours; you might love deep crimson, but it’s likely to be a turn-off for some tenants!


  • Clean the windows (or replace them). Clean windows allow more light to enter the room, which makes a big difference. If the windows are damaged or the double-glazing has blown, invest in replacements.


  • Use furniture wisely. If you’re going to have furniture in the property, make sure it complements the space. Tenants are looking for a house with as much room as possible, and an over-sized sofa can make a living room feel instantly smaller.


  • Tidy up the garden. Ideally, look for a buy-to-let property for sale with garden space, as this is greatly valued by tenants. Make sure you tidy up the garden beforehand; even trimming the bushes can make the lawn area seem more spacious.


  • Make clever use of space. If the property is small, utilise what space there is as inventively as possible. For example, an understairs area can easily be turned into a small office, with a desk and folding chair. A large landing can house a bookshelf and an armchair, creating a reading nook. Think creatively when configuring the house.


  • Clean carpets (or replace them). Stained carpets aren’t going to impress any tenants. A deep-clean might be enough to restore them to their former glory. However, if they’re looking particularly bad, it’s worthwhile investing in some new carpet instead.


  • Varnish or paint floorboards. Nothing makes a house look worse than peeling, scuffed floorboards. A simple sand-down and coat of varnish can make them look 100% better, or even a lick of paint if you’d like to get more creative with it.


  • Clean the tiles. Mould is a real deterrent for tenants. If your bathroom or kitchen tiles have mould in the grouting, it’s worthwhile taking the time to replace the grouting – which isn’t too difficult a task (though it does take a bit of time).

Making the Most of Your UK Property Investment

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