6 October 2016
6 October 2016,

When looking for buy-to-let property for sale, it’s vital to focus on location. Tenants will pay a premium if the house is in the right place; and if you’ve invested in UK property that’s close to transport links, attractions or local amenities, you’ll enjoy a better return as a result.

However, rental yield doesn’t start and end with location. The property itself needs to be appealing; and if it’s looking shabby, dated or damaged, you’ll find it harder to generate a good rental return.

Here’s some tips, explaining how to improve your property to boost your rental yield.

Property Investment Opportunities – Important Home Improvements

  1. First impressions count. The average tenant makes a decision on the property within 15 seconds of seeing it. That’s before they’ve even walked through the door! As a result, the exterior of your house should look as presentable as possible. Clean the front door (or paint it if it’s peeling), tidy the front garden, wash the windows and remove any cobwebs or dirt.
  2. Do a deep-clean. When showing tenants around your property, it’s vital to do more than a quick vacuum clean and a polish. Make sure the grouting on the bathroom tiles is free from mould. Clean the skirting boards. If you’re offering the house as part- or fully furnished, ensure all the furniture is in good order, with no visible damage or staining. Remember, it’s the details that count – and most tenants notice even minor flaws.
  1. Address obvious problems. If your property has a problem with damp, you can be sure your tenants will notice. Likewise, if the wallpaper is peeling, or the pipes are leaking in the kitchen, this will be picked up on by prospective renters! Before putting your property on the market, make sure all obvious problems are taken care of – it may seem like an additional expense, but it’ll help you generate a better rental return in the long run.
  1. Showcase your space. Wherever possible, demonstrate how the space within the house can be used. For example, if you’ve got room under the stairs, put a small desk there, or a bookcase. If one of your bedrooms is small, include a small chest of drawers rather than a huge wardrobe, which will only make the room look tinier!
  1. Tidy the back garden. Tenants are often deterred by overgrown gardens. Take the time to mow the lawn, tidy the flowerbeds and create a pleasant dining space. Outdoor space is highly prized (especially in cities) and will help boost your rental income.

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