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2 February 2018
2 February 2018,

There’s plenty of money to be made by investing in property in London; providing you know where to start looking. While certain parts of the city are stagnating, other locations look set to boom – and if you search for buy-to-let property here, you’ll make a tidy profit.

Here’s our list of places to search for investment properties in London, in 2018.

Property Investment Opportunities – London

South Croydon

East Croydon has generated a lot of attention over the last few years, which means that its neighbour, South Croydon, has been largely ignored by investors. However, people are starting to wise up to the huge potential that this location offers – not least its train station, that takes commuters to London Victoria in half an hour.

Shepherd’s Bush

This West London suburb offers a lot of potential for investors, mainly due to its ongoing appeal with tenants. It’s a trendy area, and people are drawn to its great amenities (not least Westfield London, which has a wide range of shops), as well as its short commute times into Central London – 12 minutes, to be precise.


Ilford is one of the places scheduled to be part of the Crossrail line by 2019, which will get commuters into Bond Street in under 25 minutes. In addition to this, it’s also experiencing significant regeneration at present, which is likely to set prices soaring in the near future.


We strongly advise that you get past Newham’s supposedly down-market reputation, because it’s definitely a location on the up, offering huge potential for UK property investors. It’s undergoing improvements at present, and offers a great location close to the heart of the capital. Best of all, prices are low compared with the London average.


Bromley is an excellent place to invest in buy-to-let property for sale. This South London location not only offers solid returns for landlords, but also one of the best rates of capital gains in the area – around 16.56 % last year.


Docklands offers serious property investment opportunities, particularly in areas that are being regenerated, such as Canning Town. There are numerous new developments being built in Docklands, which are likely to appeal to young professionals – it’s a wise idea to start exploring your options sooner rather than later.


Neighbouring Peckham has already attracted the trendy crowd, and it’s our prediction that Nunhead will start doing the same. This is particularly likely to be the case, given that it’s blessed with plenty of green space – which will appeal to families who rent.


Looking for the best rental yields in the London area? You won’t go far wrong with Romford. Although a little further out, it has some great, affordable properties, with a rental yield that goes as high as 6.5%.

The Buy2Let Shop in Bromley

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