5 May 2017
5 May 2017,

When looking for buy-to-let property for sale, it’s a good idea to seek out a house with some form of outdoor space. Tenants appreciate an area to enjoy the sunshine; even if it’s only a balcony or courtyard garden.

If you can get a bigger garden, you’re likely to attract higher paying tenants. However, gardens require maintenance, which can be an issue. If you’ve managed to find a buy-to-let property for sale with a garden, but aren’t sure how to minimise maintenance hassle, here’s a few valuable tips to help you.

Low-Maintenance Gardens for Your UK Property Investment

  • Create a paved patio area. Paving doesn’t require too much maintenance and creates a pleasant dining space for tenants to enjoy. It’s also fairly easy to lay yourself, providing you’re happy to take on some manual labour. When selecting paving slabs, consider durability and ease of cleaning. Smaller paving stones may look more attractive, but when weeds start to grow between the stones, it’s a lot harder to pull them all out.


  • Build a fire-pit or barbeque. Stone barbeques or fire-pits are not too difficult to build, and offer a great focal point for the garden. Best of all, they’re robust and long-lasting, and are unlikely to require too much maintenance. Obviously, if your tenant is using the barbeque to cook on, they’ll need to clean it afterwards.


  • Plant hardy perennials. Flowers look wonderful but require care, which tenants might not be willing to commit to. Hardy shrubs provide excellent ground cover, look attractive and need minimal looking-after. Likewise, climbing plants such as roses create a pleasant effect on your fence, though be warned, they will require regular pruning.


  • Avoid lawns. Obviously, if you’re trying to appeal to tenants, you’ll want to keep the lawn, as it’s a great area for kids to play. However, if you’re appealing to young professionals, singles or students, you might want to ditch the lawn in favour of gravel, decking or paving, as these are all far easier to maintain.


  • Make tools accessible. If you’d like your tenants to look after the garden, make it easy for them. Build a small shed and stock it with the necessary tools.


  • Buy hardwood furniture. When shopping for garden furniture, it’s tempting to simply select the cheapest on offer. However, softwood garden furniture requires a lot more looking after, making it a false economy. Hardwood is far more durable and easy to maintain.


  • Avoid water features. Water features like fountains or ponds look great, but require a lot of care and attention, as you’ll need to clean and clear them regularly. Unless you’re sure that your tenants are happy to look after them for you, don’t get one for your garden!

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