25 October 2017
25 October 2017,

House-buying is considered highly stressful by most people – especially if the sale doesn’t run smoothly. One of the most irritating issues with investing in UK property is gazumping – when you’ve had your offer verbally accepted by a seller, only to find out that someone else has made a higher offer, knocking you out of the picture.

Calling for Easier UK Property Investment

Sajid David, the Communities Secretary, has asked the government to call for evidence from estate agents, solicitors and mortgage lenders, to identify ways in which home-buying could be less stressful.

In particular, David wanted to find out about views on gazumping, information (whether sellers are providing adequate information to make an informed buying decision), confidence in the market, and innovation (e.g. putting more data online to speed up the buying process).

David commented: “Buying a home is one of life’s largest investments, so if it goes wrong, it can be costly. That’s why we’re determined to take action to make the process cheaper, faster and less stressful.”

The Need for Change

A recent government report found that close to two-thirds of buyers found the purchasing process stressful and worrying. Likewise, close to 70% of sellers reported the same, with nearly half saying they were concerned about buyers changing their mind before completing the sale.

The figures clearly demonstrate that something needs to change with the system, to avoid such high levels of stress. Indeed, investing in UK property is particularly frustrating if you’ve paid out for surveys on the house in question, only to find that you’ve been gazumped.

Ways to Avoid Gazumping in the Meantime

Obviously, the government’s investigations are in their early stages, and as such, nothing is likely to change any time soon. The good news is, there are ways to avoid the annoyance of being gazumped, such as:

  • Buying a house at auction. At a property auction, you’re at no risk of being gazumped. Once the gavel falls, you’re the legal owner of the house in question, as long as you can pay 10% of the final asking price on the day, plus the remainder within 28 days.


  • Buying with a property investment agent. Property investment agents have a range of properties on their books, which aren’t available to the general public – only to registered investors. This greatly reduces the chances of being gazumped, particularly if you’re working with a reputable property investment agent, who will have your best interests at heart. Unlike an estate agent, they’re working directly for you.

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