6 February 2018

Property Seminar Tips: Handling (and Avoiding) Difficult Tenants

6 February 2018,

Tenants are the lifeblood of the rental industry. Every landlord wants to find the ideal set of tenants to move into their property – […]

22 January 2018

How to Make Sure Your Property Attracts Tenants

22 January 2018,

The greatest obstacle a landlord can face is lack of tenants. An empty buy-to-let property means one thing – dwindling profits; and if it […]

17 January 2018

Are Property Seminars and Investment Shows Worth It?

17 January 2018,

As you may already be aware, The Buy2Let Shop are regular features at The Property Investor & Homebuyer Show in London; the country’s biggest […]

6 December 2017

Property Seminar Tips – Adding Value to Your Buy-to-Let

6 December 2017,

At The Buy2Let Shop’s property investment seminars in London, we don’t just focus on finding the perfect buy-to-let property for sale – we talk […]

4 December 2017

Property Seminar Tips – Why it Makes Sense to Buy in Winter

4 December 2017,

At our property investment seminars, we often get asked about timing; and when is the best time of year to purchase a buy-to-let property […]