27 March 2018

Buying a Property at Auction – Things to Consider When Viewing

27 March 2018,

Buying a property at auction can be a fun experience, providing you’ve prepared yourself beforehand. We’re not just talking about getting ready for the […]

24 January 2018

Things to Check Before You Buy a House at Auction

24 January 2018,

At our property seminars in London, we often talk about buying a property at auction. House auctions are a great place to find bargain […]

23 October 2017

How to Survive Your First Property Auction

23 October 2017,

The process of buying a house at auction is exhilarating; but make no mistake, if it’s your first time, it’s likely to be nerve-wracking […]

3 May 2016

Six Secret Insights When Buying a House at Auction

3 May 2016,

If you’ve never attended a property auction before, the prospect of making a purchase in this environment can be daunting. Unlike purchasing through an […]

13 April 2016

Should You Be Buying a House at Auction? Property Auctions Explained

13 April 2016,

When seeking property investment opportunities, some people are deterred by rising prices; not to mention the growing trend for gazumping. Seeking buy-to-let property for […]