6 March 2018

Property Investment in the UK or Abroad? The Pros and Cons

6 March 2018,

Investing in property abroad is a tempting option, particularly when the weather’s bad in the UK. The prospect of renting out a buy-to-let property […]

29 January 2018

The Best Places to Invest in Property Outside of London

29 January 2018,

If you’re considering investment properties in London, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Several parts of the capital are booming at the […]

8 January 2018

Why Kent is Becoming a Property Hotspot for Investors

8 January 2018,

As the capital continues to rise in price, more and more people are looking to move out of the city, while still enjoying a […]

4 January 2018

Is 2018 the Year to Search for Investment Properties in London?

4 January 2018,

If you’re interested in UK property investment, you may well have considered purchasing a buy-to-let property for sale in the capital. However, recent market […]

19 October 2017

Investment Properties in London… or Further Afield?

19 October 2017,

London is ideal for landlords. Although property prices are fairly high compared to the rest of the country, demand for rented accommodation is sky-high; […]

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