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1 November 2016
1 November 2016,

In the lead-up to Brexit, there have been some gloomy predictions about the property market. Given the pound’s current instability, many investors are choosing to ‘play it safe’ and are avoiding investing in UK property until the future of the market is clearer.

However, savvy buyers are recognising the property investment opportunities currently available – and are using the current political climate to their advantage. Here’s a few tips to help you achieve the same.

Investing in Property in the UK Post-Brexit

  1. Schools never go out of fashion. One aspect of the property market is seldom affected by politics – and that’s proximity to a good school. If you’re looking for buy-to-let property for sale, be aware that tenants will pay a premium to be within the catchment area of the school of their choice. Likewise, if you’re planning to buy a property and sell it on for a profit, homes near good schools often hold their value very well.


  1. Areas of regeneration. Areas experiencing regeneration or improvement (such as those areas in London that are due to get a Crossrail station) frequently experience dramatic price surges. If you buy in these areas before the property values climb, you could make excellent profit from capital growth.


  1. Adding value. If you can find a property that you can add value to, you stand an excellent chance of being able to sell it on at a profit. Look for houses that can be extended – either outwards or up into the attic. Garages are often suitable for conversion, and even adding a conservatory can bump up the value of the home.


  1. Upcoming areas. At present, certain areas are experiencing a boost in popularity. For example, locations such as Bromley, Newham and Watford have all become increasingly popular over the last couple of years – due to central London prices rising to prohibitively expensive levels. The Kent coastline is also becoming desirable, and house prices are similarly rising in the south-west – as more people seek to get away from the fast pace of London and the surrounding suburbs. In the north, cities like Manchester and Liverpool offer excellent rental yield.


  1. Transport links. Commuters need trains and buses to get to work – and if they can shorten the length of time they spend commuting, they’ll happily pay more. Look for properties that are situated close to stations or bus stops, as these are likely to remain desirable, regardless of the effects of Brexit.

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