20 March 2018

The Cheapest Locations to Purchase Buy-to-Let Property for Sale

20 March 2018,

Do you think that UK property investment is only possible if you’ve got lots of cash? Think again! Choose the right location, and you […]

15 March 2018

Property Seminar Tips – Appealing to Family Renters

15 March 2018,

According to the latest figures, parents are willing to spend out considerable sums of money to ensure their children get into the right school. […]

13 March 2018

Buy-to-Let Mortgages – Getting the Right Deal for You

13 March 2018,

Not many landlords can afford to purchase a buy-to-let property outright – and even those that can often choose to use a buy-to-let mortgage […]

8 March 2018

The Best Coastal Locations for Buy-to-Let Property

8 March 2018,

Do you dream of living by the seaside? Well, unsurprisingly, so do tenants! The thought of waking up each morning to the sight of […]

6 March 2018

Property Investment in the UK or Abroad? The Pros and Cons

6 March 2018,

Investing in property abroad is a tempting option, particularly when the weather’s bad in the UK. The prospect of renting out a buy-to-let property […]