20 December 2017

How to Find Your Perfect First Investment Property

20 December 2017,

Investing in UK property is a great way to generate a profit, especially if you purchase a buy-to-let property for sale. Buy the right […]

18 December 2017

Purchasing a Buy-to-Let Property for Sale Over Christmas

18 December 2017,

Unsurprisingly, the property market slows considerably over Christmas. Most people (buyers and sellers alike) are more focused on enjoying the festive period than their […]

13 December 2017

Raising Rent for Tenants – A Guide

13 December 2017,

Most landlords try to keep their rental rates as fair as possible, and don’t like raising prices for tenants. However, over time, it’s inevitable […]

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11 December 2017

Predicted Property Investment Trends for 2018

11 December 2017,

2017 has been an interesting year for property investors in the UK. Brexit negotiations have cast uncertainty over the market, which combined with some […]

6 December 2017

Property Seminar Tips – Adding Value to Your Buy-to-Let

6 December 2017,

At The Buy2Let Shop’s property investment seminars in London, we don’t just focus on finding the perfect buy-to-let property for sale – we talk […]