30 August 2017

Do You Need a Property Investment Agent to Generate Good ROI?

30 August 2017,

Do you need expert assistance when investing in UK property? There’s a temptation, particularly if you’ve already bought / sold your family home, to […]

28 August 2017

What You Need to Know About Converting to HMO

28 August 2017,

HMOs (Houses of multiple occupation), can offer significantly higher rental yield – making them a popular option for landlords. However, if you’re considering converting […]

24 August 2017

Are Investment Properties in London the Right Option for You?

24 August 2017,

The London rental market continues to be popular, despite the fact that properties here are among the most expensive in the country. It’s hardly […]

22 August 2017

Five Things You Need to Know When Investing in UK Property

22 August 2017,

There’s no doubt about it, UK property investment remains one of the most reliable, lucrative forms of investment around. However, like any other type […]

17 August 2017

Older Tenants – Should You Target the Silver Renter?

17 August 2017,

According to recent statistics, close to half the country’s renting population are over 46. This runs contrary to the opinion that renting is only […]