28 June 2017

Everything You Need to Know About the Day of the Property Auction

28 June 2017,

House auctions can be fairly daunting, especially if you’re not used to the process. If it’s a popular auction house, proceedings are often fast-paced, […]

26 June 2017

How to Renovate a Buy-to-Let Property for Sale

26 June 2017,

Many people, when buying a house at auction, search for ‘doer-uppers’ – buy-to-let properties for sale that can be transformed into appealing, rentable houses. […]

21 June 2017

Investing in UK Property– Why Bricks and Mortar Make a Shrewd Investment

21 June 2017,

Keen investors are always on the look-out to find ways to improve ROI and generate solid profits for the future. There are many forms […]

19 June 2017

Spotlight on Edinburgh: The UK’s Hottest Property Market?

19 June 2017,

Edinburgh properties are the most sought-after in the UK, according to the latest figures released by Zoopla. The data revealed that, on average, houses […]

14 June 2017

Property Seminar Tips: How to Create a Rock-Solid Inventory

14 June 2017,

Investing in UK property to rent is a lucrative business – providing you’ve got good knowledge of what it takes to be a landlord. […]