31 January 2017

What Can You Expect from a Good Property Investment Seminar?

31 January 2017,

In the past, some unscrupulous companies have run ‘property seminars’ in a bid to forcefully encourage people to invest in their listed properties. Unfortunately, […]

27 January 2017

Investing in Properties in London: Stagnation in Central London?

27 January 2017,

Certain parts of the capital, notably areas like Newham, Woolwich, Enfield and Bromley, are experiencing significant property price growth at present – in spite […]

25 January 2017

How to Make Your Buy-to-Let Property More Appealing in 2017

25 January 2017,

If you’re searching for buy-to-let property for sale, it’s important to look for something that will appeal to your target market. Of course, all […]

23 January 2017

Property Investment Opportunities – Top Spots in London

23 January 2017,

Now is a great time to start looking for investment properties in London. Whilst some areas have suffered as a result of last year’s […]

19 January 2017

Property Investment Opportunities: Alternative Ways to Find a Bargain

19 January 2017,

When searching for buy-to-let property for sale, many new property investors tend to make their local estate agents their first port-of-call. After all, it […]