24 March 2016

Understanding HMOs and How They Can Maximise Your Rental Yield

24 March 2016,

When looking for buy-to-let properties for sale, it’s likely you’ll be focusing on the tenants you’d like to attract. HMO properties are often appealing […]

22 March 2016

Buying a House at Auction? Renovate to Get Great Returns – Here’s How

22 March 2016,

Buying a house at auction is one of the most effective ways at securing a bargain – welcome news for property investors across the […]

17 March 2016

The 2016 Budget – Implications for Those Investing in Property in the UK

17 March 2016,

Yesterday’s budget confirmed what many property investors already knew was coming – a capital gains tax surcharge when selling their properties in the future. […]

15 March 2016

Property Investment in the UK – Top Property Hotspots

15 March 2016,

The average time it takes to sell a property has decreased in the last year – from 87 to 79 days. This demonstrates the […]

9 March 2016

Is Now the Time to Seek Buy-to-Let Property for Sale? Rental Demand Exceeds Supply

9 March 2016,

Latest figures show that numbers of rental properties available on the market has dropped to its lowest level in 12 months. According to the […]