Property Auctions UK
20 November 2015

Research Reveals That Tenants Value Landlord Relationship

20 November 2015,

New research suggests that the majority of rental tenants are planning to stay at their property for the long-term, valuing their relationship with their […]

Investment Property Deals
13 November 2015

Buy-To-Let Mortgages Continue To Rise in Volume and Value

13 November 2015,

Mortgage lending to buy-to-let landlords has again increased by volume and by value, The Buy2Let Shop has found. Rise in the third quarter Buy-to-let landlords […]

The buy2let shop house
6 November 2015

UK Rents rise by 2.7%

6 November 2015,

The latest Report from the Office of National Statistics shows that UK rents have risen by 2.7% in the past 12 months, The Buy2Let […]

30 October 2015

Rent rise expected to continue in 2016

30 October 2015,

Recent reports have shown The Buy2let Shop that UK rent prices have risen for 10 consecutive months, and there is every indication that this […]

23 October 2015

UK house prices continue to grow

23 October 2015,

New figures have shown The Buy2Let Shop that average UK house prices rose in the year to August 2015. UK House Prices As recently […]