11 July 2016
11 July 2016,

If you’ve recently been looking for buy-to-let property for sale, and you’re keen to attract the highest paying tenants, it’s important to present your house in the best possible light. After all, if the property looks shabby, it’s unlikely that you’ll have queues of people wanting to rent from you!

Here’s 10 of the best ways you can improve the kerb appeal of your buy-to-let property, and boost ROI from rental yield.

Property Investment in the UK: 10 Ways to Boost Kerb Appeal

  1. Refurbish your front door. If the front door is looking dated or in poor condition, consider replacing it. If you’re unable to do this, invest in some new door furniture to smarten it up. A new handle, door-knocker and a lick of paint can make all the difference.


  1. Add an attractive light. If the buy-to-let property for sale hasn’t got an exterior light by the front door, think about adding one. For example, a Victorian-style lantern to the side of the door adds a touch of class.


  1. Replace / clean windows. If the windows of the property have blown or are broken, replace them as soon as possible. If the windows are in relatively good condition, hire a window cleaner – this makes a big difference, both inside and out.


  1. Add some plants. Even a touch of greenery can add some serious elegance to your property. A climber positioned by the front door covers any unsightly, crumbling brickwork. Likewise, a bush can be used to conceal wheelie bins, and a flowerbed gives the front garden some colour.


  1. Paint the façade. When investing in property in the UK, it’s important to maintain it well. Peeling and flaking paint is a big turn-off for tenants – as it suggests the rest of the property is similarly poorly looked after. Paint the exterior; as this really does make all the difference.


  1. Include window decoration. Make sure the curtains are in good condition, and add a vase of flowers or ornament in the window, to create a homelier feel. These small touches can influence tenants in a big way.


  1. Treat the window-ledges. If you’ve got wooden window-ledges (common in period properties) make sure they’ve been recently treated. Parched, flaking wood is not a good look when you’re trying to convince people to rent your property.


  1. Add house numbers. A classy plaque with your house number on makes a good first impression. However, there are other options. If you’ve got glass above the door, stencilled or stained-glass sticker numbers look visually impressive.


  1. Address neighbouring problems. If your neighbour’s front garden is looking particularly messy, rather than complaining to them, offer to clear it for them. This proactive, friendly approach is less likely to cause friction.


  1. Improve your paving. If you have a path leading to your door, make sure all the paving slabs or tiles are in good condition, without any cracks or stains. Trim any surrounding lawn to create a neat, tidy effect.


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