8 June 2017
8 June 2017,

UK property investment remains one of the safest, most reliable forms of investment going – especially if you purchase a buy-to-let property for sale. Whilst it’s perfectly acceptable to work with a high street estate agent, many savvy investors agree that property investment agents offer more value, particularly when developing a property portfolio.

Here are just a few reasons why working with an expert property agent can really make a difference.

10 Reasons to Work with a Property Investment Agent

  • They’ll help you to develop a strategy. Mistakes can cost serious money. A good property agent will work with you to create a comprehensive long-term strategy, ensuring every penny is well spent.


  • Working for you. Estate agents do a great job, but remember, they’re trying to get a good deal for the seller too! Property investment specialists are focused on generating results for you, and no-one else.


  • Inside knowledge. A good property investment expert will have extensive, up-to-date knowledge of the property market, which they’ll happily share with you.


  • Lower cost properties. Most property investment teams have a range of houses and apartments on their books, which have been priced competitively to sell. These aren’t available to the general public, only to serious investors with an intention to buy.


  • Assistance with the purchase. Property investment agents will also help negotiate a deal for you, even if you’re planning on buying a house at auction. They’ll work hard to secure the property at an appealing price, saving you thousands of pounds in the process.


  • Number-crunching. These experts also know how important it is to generate great ROI, so they’ll be firmly fixed on the figures – ensuring that the buy-to-let property for sale offers good rental yield and the potential for capital growth.


  • Portfolio management. Unlike estate agents, property investment specialists will offer their services for as long as you need them, helping you to develop your property portfolio. Some will even act as a point of contact for your letting agents, which means less hassle for you.


  • Performance reviews. It’s important to keep track of your investments at all times, to ensure you’re making a good profit. Property agents often offer regular performance reviews, detailing how your assets have increased in value, and how they’re projected to perform in the future.


  • Quicker, smoother deals. As you know, buying property is usually fraught with uncertainty, with risk of gazumping, sales falling through, and endless other potential issues along the way. A property investment team usually works with individuals who are highly motivated to sell – and the process reduces the risk of being gazumped by another buyer.


  • Advance knowledge of upcoming deals. You’ll also get to find out about hot properties coming to market before anyone else does – giving you the chance to make an early offer.

The Buy2Let Shop in Bromley

We’re a team of specialist property investment agents in London, with inside knowledge of the UK property market. If you’re interested in investing in property in the UK, simply get in touch via The Buy2Let Shop website today.

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