10 October 2017
10 October 2017,


Tenants respect landlords who make sustainability and eco-friendliness a top priority – and this is especially true of young professionals and students. It’s not only in the planet’s interests to give your buy-to-let property some serious eco-credentials – it can make your house a far more appealing prospect too; meaning you can raise rental rates and enjoy increased interest from tenants.

Not sure how to make your buy-to-let property greener? Here are 10 useful tips, which don’t cost a fortune to implement.

UK Property Investment – 10 Ways to Go Green

  • Get some solar panels. Investing in solar panels is one of the most visible ways to let your tenants know you’re serious about the environment; and they’re not as expensive as you might think. Best of all, they help keep the bills down.


  • Get double-glazed windows. Insulation makes a big difference, and single-glazed windows are notoriously poor at letting heat escape. Investing in double-glazed windows is a one-time expense that’s likely to pay off in the long-term, as it’ll reduce heating bills (and the chance of black mould forming, due to condensation).


  • Use eco-paints. There are plenty of ways to go greener when decorating. Look for water-based (rather than oil-based) paints, for example.


  • Get a smart thermostat. Not only will tenants be impressed by this particular piece of technology, but it will also help monitor and moderate boiler use – protecting the environment and reducing energy bills.


  • Get thicker curtains. It’s a simple swap. Choose a thicker material for your curtains, as this is far more effective at keeping the heat in.


  • Buy eco-appliances. Look for appliances that are as energy efficient as possible; including your washing machine, dishwasher, oven and tumble-dryer. Even eco-kettles and toasters can make a big difference – and your tenants will respect your commitment to the environment.


  • Adopt water-saving measures. Invest in a water-saving showerhead, and a ‘toilet hippo’, which is a low-cost way of saving as much as three litres of water per flush. It’s an easy change to make, it’ll hardly affect your tenants, and it makes a big difference to the environment.


  • Switch off the lights. Add subtle notices above the light-switches, reminding tenants to switch the lights off when they’re not in use. Alternatively, you could install motion-activated lights in places like the toilet, which only light up when someone is in the room.


  • Fix all leaks. Leaking pipework wastes huge amounts of water. Make sure they’re all fixed before you let the property out to tenants.


  • Provide recycling bins. Provide a range of recycling bins (in addition to the ones that get collected by the council), to encourage them to collect bottles, cans, compostable food, or whatever else isn’t taken in the weekly collection.

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