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We are the UKs leading estate agent for investment grade property. We offer professional and friendly services to vendors looking to sell their home, or landlords and developers requiring a fast sale of a portfolio of properties, to investors looking to build their portfolio. Through our national advertising campaigns and huge network of contacts we connect buyers with sellers. Unlike most high street estate agents, we not only have a large number of listed buyers looking to find their dream home, we also have a database of retained investors with proof of funds and finance in place ready for a good investment opportunity. Whether you own a property and are looking for a fast sale, or are an investor looking for a great deal, we can help.

How it works...

Option A
(selling and buying with estate agents)
  • 1. Invite an estate agent to your home for a valuation - they give a price 'they think' they can achieve, you accept and sign an agreement binding you to them for a set number of months
  • 2. Approx 48 hours later the property is advertised online in places such as Rightmove & Zoopla
  • 3. Estate agent arranges viewings from people that enquire about the online advert, often in block viewings
  • 4. Estate agent - assuming they've had interest from the public - make the seller 'offers', usually below the advertised price you had initially agreed with the agent
  • 5. If you accept one of the offers then within a week the sales progression starts, purely on this verbal agreement
  • 6. Around 1 month later the buyer and their mortgage lender carries out a survey on your home
  • 7. If the property passes the survey and the buyer is still happy then progression continues
  • 8. 2-6 further months later the sale is ready to complete (depending on whether the buyer has a property to sell themselves also)
Length of time from getting valuation to sale completion: 6-10 months
Risk of buyer withdrawing from sale and you having to start the whole process again: 33%
Option B
(with TB2LS)
  • 1. Seller calls us, tells us about their property and when they'd like to move out.  Process takes around 5-10 minutes
  • 2. We carry out research and due diligence and within 8 hours we offer a fixed sale price, seller accepts and enters an agreement with no tie in period
  • 3. Within 10 days a survey takes place on your home
  • 4. Approx 20 days later the property is ready to complete (can be faster if the seller requires it)
Length of time from getting valuation to sale completion: 2-5 weeks
Risk of buyer withdrawing from sale and you having to start the whole process again: 5%

What our clients say about us

We believe we're only as good as our last review and every customer is asked to leave feedback. We use customer reviews to ensure we deliver an excellent service and if we ever fall short of that standard, we put it right.

For someone like me that doesn't have enough hours in the day as it is, I find the emails really easy to scan and work out whether it's the right deal for me or not..... read more

Dr. Patel

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The Buy2Let Shop work with auctioneers, receivers, developers and property agents all over the UK to track, research and select the best opportunities for our investors. With over 1,000 new properties every week, The Buy2Let Shop are here to help.

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