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The Buy2Let Shop Limited

The Buy2Let Shop Limited is a property investment company based in London UK and deals with investors at novice/beginner level or advanced property investors. We offer professional services to vendors looking to sell their home to investors looking to build their portfolio.
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FREE Property Investment Seminars

Welcome! We run free property investment seminars every month where we teach people the skills they need to build and develop their property portfolios!

Get strategy advice from Senior Portfolio Managers!

Whether you are considering investing for the first time or whether you are experienced and already half way to reaching your financial goals, our Property Investment Seminars can help. Designed to help investors with understanding how the UK property market works from an investor's point of view, not a homeowner's, and then learning how to capitalise in the safest way and with the highest returns by buying 'Below Market Value'.

It is not just luck when professional investors make more money than amateur investors. They are just more investment savvy. We believe in the old adage “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” So by investing some time now into understanding the game, you can avoid making mistakes that delay your retirement by years.

What to expect:
- Learn how to successfully invest with the government’s new stamp duty tax changes
- Learn why the amateurs are running away from the market, while the professionals are running towards it
- Live deals will be available on the day, some with the stamp duty already paid to bridge the gap*

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"Having spent months getting advice from estate agents in my area, trying to work out what I should be looking for when making my first investment, I was getting frustrated because the information never seemed to add up and always conflicted with one another. I just never felt comfortable investing my life savings without being able to make an informed decision. After spending 40 minutes in a planning and strategy meeting with Lloyd after the their Property Investment Seminar I felt such relief to finally see the wood from the trees and I've been confident with every decision I've made since"... read more